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Case SR250 plays an important role for Centre Line Paving

centreline-teamCentreline Paving of Sydney’s western suburbs have been using Case skid steer loaders for over 15 years and in June 2012 took delivery of an all new SR250 Enhanced Hi-Flow skid steer loader. The SR250 was purchased by Centreline Paving with a 450mm x 200mm Hydrapower Profiler to play an important role in their road repair business. Other attachments provided were an ECH 4 in 1 bucket, Norm Engineering 1800mm Broom, Reverse Camera, UHF Radio and a Case Demolition Door.

For further information please contact:

Case NSW
Phone 02 9765 2200
Website: www.casensw.com.au

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Whats your process

Centre Line has a number of steps it takes to ensure that the final job arrives at the desired quality and price.

We start by listening and exploring the brief with our clients making the best recommendations we can.

You then receive a quotation or tender from us outlining the parameters of the job and pricing.

If you accept our recommendations and proceed we undertake a site inspection to ensure that the jobs runs smoothly.

All our staff are trained in current occupational health and safety procedures.

And we have developed an extensive paperwork and procedure system to enable staff to make the right decisions in the field.

Who do I speak to?

For quotations, programming, work in progress or site issue, you can speak to John Williams directly on 0417 277 393

For for administration, accounts or safety querries, you can speak to Trudi on 02 4777 5805

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More than roads

Road building takes more than a knowledge of laying precision road surfaces. It takes an understanding of project management, traffic management, safety and knowledge of local environmental conditions and a dash of public relations.

Centre Line Paving has developed all these skills into a winning formula for our clients so that we ensure that projects run to plan and minimise complication through experience.

We understand it takes the right team to take a project through to completion. That’s why we are proud of our staff and their individual talents from the management who work hard at developing the right approach to each job at tendering and quotation stage to the steps it takes to get the tarmac on the road. Our Team has the talent and knowledge to get the job done with a minimum of fuss.

Client buggy day coming up

With the exciting new launch of out web site, our new logo and tendering materials. We thought it was a great opportunity to celebrate the new look Centre Line Paving.

We have already received some great feed back from our clients and to thank them we will be hosting a buggy day very soon so look out for the announcement real soon.

Dave has hand built two buggys that he races around a track at Centre Line HQ. Not only does he have a selection of buggies there are a range of other paddock bashers to choose from offering plenty of opportunities to get down and dirty at top speed.

We think this will be a great opportunity to meet with the boys face to face to enjoy a refreshing cool ale and hopefully avoid the trees as you put the pedal to metal at the Centre Line race track.

Yennora gets a Carpark

Car parks are always a challenge. Maximising space, drainage, traffic flows, and clear marking and signage
We believe carpaks should be simple, simple to enter from the street, simple to navigate, simple to park your car, simple to locate your car, simple to locate exit points.

Understanding that the the trend for RV’s means cars have grown larger and squeezing that extra space might make your design a hindrance to users is a great tip when designing your space.
Centre Line helped Yennora Oasis Hotel develop a clean and well drained parking space that has been well received by its patrons.

The use of speed bumps keeps traffic speed to a minimum. Understanding heights and gradients for the bumps is critical to ensure that their is minimum wear and tear to vehicle undercarriage and suspension. At the same time the goal is achieving a go slow safe attitude by drivers.

Centre Line Paving can carry a project from start to finish including traffic management, line marking, curb and guttering and drainage considerations.
It’s this umbrella of services and understanding that makes Centre Line the Ideal choice for you next car park project.

Our understanding of Local Council requirements and experience in all aspects of the task makes Centre Line Paving ideally suited for projects both large and small.

We recommend if your thinking of developing a car park project to get Centre Line involved early in your planning and design.
You will find us happy to work with you in the early design and planning phase, so that you get the best possible results when it comes to the construction phase of the project.

David Gardner comments “We see ourselves as partnering our knowledge and experience with our customers. If we are brought on board early on in a project this gives us the best chance of helping our customer solve problems and avoid costly design decisions that might appear later. Through the development of these relationships early we see projects run much smoother and it gives us the opportunities to find cost savings by applying our experience early on in a project. It’s a win win for our clients”

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Eastern Creek gets a Centre Line touch

This truly is a story of “where the rubber hits the road” and Centre Line Paving is proud to have surfaced the Eastern Creek Drag strip partly because both we and our clients are delighted with the job we performed but also because our managing director David Gardner has always had a keen interest in Drag racing. So it was a match made in motor head heaven for Centre Line.

It takes specialised knowledge to know how to build roads that take this kind of punishment

In 2003 the new Western Sydney International Dragway project at Eastern Creek was commenced, completing in January 2004.

The 1.2 kilometer drag strip includes a 60 metre burn out area, a 400 metre (quarter mile) timed section, a 600 metre braking area and a 100 metre safety trap.

When it comes to understanding what the drag strip has to endure drag race cars have up to 8,000- horsepower (6,000kW) V8 supercharged engines running on nitromethene fuel. They hurtle down the standing start 400m drag strip in 4.7 seconds, accelerating to over 500km/h before releasing a parachute to slow them.

It takes real skill and knowledge to build a surface that will take that kind of hammering which is why Center Line Paving was called in to lend their experience and skill to a very demanding challenge. Not only was their a need to handle precision tolerance in it’s construction but an overall knowledge of the right compound surfacing.

David comments “ Asphalt technology is a science in it self. Understanding what wear is expected in any condition and how the material will handle it self over time is something that we have learn through years of working with it. We put all that knowledge to great use when laying Eastern Creek”.

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