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The Centre Line Paving Difference

Centre Line Paving has specialised in road building and heavy construction throughout the region of NSW, particularly asphalt paving, grading and guttering. Based in Penrith we bid and perform work for a number of Councils and private contracts.

We bring an unmatched level of skill and expertise to every paving job we do. With over 20 years of paving experience, getting projects done according to client specifications and ahead of schedule is priority number one for Centre Line.

Centre Line Paving has the capability, and experience to perform site development on anything from mass earth-moving projects to minor site drainage improvements. Past projects include everything from the M4 to the Eastern Creek Drag-strip and shopping centers.

We look at each new project with enthusiasm, with an emphasis on efficiency and economy in our management. If we identify any potential difficulties or alternative method of performing the work which may affect price as a savings or an increase, we communicate then at the earliest opportunity. We pride our selves in communication and service.

We have the professional, technical and equipment resources required to complete projects of varying scope and size.

The Centre Line Paving Advantages are:

  • We offer a full Project management approach and can handle all aspects of the job.
  • Our management and field personnel have years of experience in the road construction industry.
  • Our equipment is capable of completing all aspects of the scope of work and, if needed, we have the ability to obtain any additional equipment required from our suppliers.
  • Our experience and quality job record is well documented and verified.
  • Skilled and dedicated employees.
  • State-of-the-art equipment kept in good repair.
  • An urgency to complete projects on, or ahead of, schedule.
  • A keen sense of job cost management.

Customer satisfaction is the platform all decisions are based on, in the office and on the work site. With this principle as our guiding force, the focus on safe and productive work habits, the sense of urgency combined with a need to “do the right thing”, and responsibility and authority on the job site become the only way to do business.”

Safety is a very important aspect of our operations. Centre Line Paving has a company-established and mandated safety program that requires all our employees to maintain a safe and healthy work environment.

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God works in interesting ways

It’s surprising how we get business sometimes. Normally it’s though this website, our range of valued contacts or our interesting marketing and advertising. Then sometimes it’s just because we are around the corner.

We were working on a particular client’s job near a church. An elder from this church was so impressed with the work he had seen he approached one of our lads and we were suddenly quoting their large car park facility. We had to make the facility capable of handling bus access and the weights and stresses that buses apply.

Almost a 1000 ton of dirt was needed to be excavated and road base placed and compacted. It was a big job and we were greatful for being in the right place at the right time or perhaps it was just an answer to prayer.

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Time is money and sometimes we need to pull a miracle out of our hat. We had a recent client who needed a loading dock replaced, layed, cured and ready for action in the space of a weekend. That isn’t an easy task where the specs required strengthening for a forklift that would carry hundreds of tons of paper.

The need for the company to keep its high volume service in operation also made the challenge of getting the job done on time critical to their supply chain. The Centre Line Excavation Team started late Friday night with completion of the base works in the early hours of Saturday morning the crew energetically working late into the night. With these foundations in place Centre Line could bring in its experienced Paving team to Asphalt and lay the surface. This allowed the critical curing time to occur so the Client could be back at work first thing Monday morning.

Though faced with these challenges Centre Line Paving met the job head on and the client was ready for business at the critical deadline so it was smiles all round.

If you have a job that requires careful planning or has the need for an experienced team to meet a time sensitive deadline then why not contact us.

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1000 SPEED HUMPS (well almost)

Sometimes our clients come up with their own unique solutions to paving issues. Take for example. How do you stop hoons doing donuts in a large parking space area that is only temporary? How do you demarcate that space without using concrete islands?

The solution our client came up with was speed humps. Lots and lots of speed humps. While it wouldn’t have been our first choice, it did solve the problem. Centre Line Pavings’ expertise came into its own when we installed over 100 speed humps across the parking lot. This was a cost effective solution to our client’s needs and satisfied the council’s strict requirements for a temporary car park.

So if you need even just one speed hum you know Centre Line Paving has the experience to get the job done!

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