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Eastern Creek gets a Centre Line touch

This truly is a story of “where the rubber hits the road” and Centre Line Paving is proud to have surfaced the Eastern Creek Drag strip partly because both we and our clients are delighted with the job we performed but also because our managing director David Gardner has always had a keen interest in Drag racing. So it was a match made in motor head heaven for Centre Line.

It takes specialised knowledge to know how to build roads that take this kind of punishment

In 2003 the new Western Sydney International Dragway project at Eastern Creek was commenced, completing in January 2004.

The 1.2 kilometer drag strip includes a 60 metre burn out area, a 400 metre (quarter mile) timed section, a 600 metre braking area and a 100 metre safety trap.

When it comes to understanding what the drag strip has to endure drag race cars have up to 8,000- horsepower (6,000kW) V8 supercharged engines running on nitromethene fuel. They hurtle down the standing start 400m drag strip in 4.7 seconds, accelerating to over 500km/h before releasing a parachute to slow them.

It takes real skill and knowledge to build a surface that will take that kind of hammering which is why Center Line Paving was called in to lend their experience and skill to a very demanding challenge. Not only was their a need to handle precision tolerance in it’s construction but an overall knowledge of the right compound surfacing.

David comments “ Asphalt technology is a science in it self. Understanding what wear is expected in any condition and how the material will handle it self over time is something that we have learn through years of working with it. We put all that knowledge to great use when laying Eastern Creek”.

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