Centre Line

We have the tools to get the job done!

Centre Line Paving’s fleet includes a range of reliable, well maintained equipment to tackle any size job. Reverse cameras are installed in our crew & spray trucks along with the new Case Bobcat. UHF communication is also used onsite.


  • Asphalt Paver – Volvo Blaw Knox PF2181 (2.5m-4.9m)
  • Asphalt Paver – 200 Blawknox (3.1m-5.5m)
  • Asphalt Paver – Mini Paver-Sakai (1.8m-3.0m)
  • Small Steel Roller – 2.7 tonne
  • Large Steel Roller – 6.5 tonne
  • Small Multi Tyre Roller – 3 tonne
  • Large Multi Tyre Roller – 8-15 tonne
  • Water Cart Attachement – 5000 Lt
  • Bobcat – Modern Case Bobcat with airconditioned cab, reverse camera & UHF communication – Profiler, broom and 4 in 1 attachments

Plant items are hired from time to time for special projects.

Service records are available on request.